Canada immigration free assessment

British Columbia immigration invited 284 skilled workers and international graduates in a new draw through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

The January 28 draw focused on five BC PNP streams, with minimum scores ranging from 85 to 110.

Entry-level and semi-skilled workers required 85 points.

The direct provincial stream for skilled workers registered a minimum score of 100 points, with Express Entry skilled workers requiring 110 points to qualify.

International graduates registered a minimum score of 103 for the direct provincial stream and 105 for the Express Entry-link stream. 

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Did You Get Invited in the January 28 B.C. Immigration Draw?

Date Category Minimum Score Invitations Issued
28-Jan-20 SI – Skilled Worker 100 Total: 284
  SI – International Graduate 103
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 85
  EEBC – Skilled Worker 110
  EEBC – International Graduate 105


Canada immigration free assessment