New British Columbia Immigration Draw Sees 413 Invitations Issued

New British Columbia Immigration Draw Sees 413 Invitations Issued
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The latest draw through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program saw 413 immigration candidates issued invitations to apply.

The October 29 draw saw invitations issued across five British Columbia immigration streams.

For skilled workers, the minimum score for the direct provincial stream was 93 points, compared to 99 points through the Express Entry-linked stream.

For international graduates, the minimum score for the direct provincial stream was 100 points, compared to 102 points through the Express Entry-linked stream.

Entry-level and semi-skilled workers required a minimum score of 77 points to qualify.

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Did You Get Invited in the October 29 B.C. Immigration Draw?

Date Category Minimum Score Invitations Issued
29-Oct-19 SI – Skilled Worker 93 Total: 413
  SI – International Graduate 100
  SI – Entry Level & Semi-Skilled 77
  EEBC – Skilled Worker 99
  EEBC – International Graduate 102


The previous British Columbia immigration draw targeted 29 IT occupations through the BC PNP Tech Pilot.

The October 22 draw saw invitations issued to 62 candidates through four British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program streams.

The Tech Pilot offers priority processing to targeted candidates through the existing streams of the BC PNP.

Minimum scores were 90 for all four included streams, which were:

  1. SI – Skilled Worker
  2. SI – International Graduate
  3. EEBC – Skilled Worker
  4. EEBC – International Graduate

Did You Get Invited in the October 22 B.C. Immigration Draw?

Date Category Minimum Score Invitations Issued
22-Oct-19 SI – Skilled Worker 90 Total: 62
  SI – International Graduate 90
  EEBC – Skilled Worker 90
  EEBC – International Graduate 90


The BC PNP Tech Pilot has been extended into 2020 after its initial launch in 2017. It currently has a list of 29 target occupations with relaxed duration requirements.

BC PNP draws aimed specifically at technology workers started in May 2017. The province has a thriving technology industry with some big names of the tech world basing themselves in Canada’s westernmost province.

What Are The BC PNP Tech Pilot Job Requirements?

  • The job offer must be for one of the 29 targeted occupations (see below)
  • The job offer must be for at least one-year duration
  • The job offer must be valid for at least 120 days at the time of application

What Are The 29 Target Occupations Under the BC PNP Tech Pilot?

NOC Code Job Title
0131 Telecommunication carriers’ managers
0213 Computer and information systems managers
0512 Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
2131 Civil engineers
2132 Mechanical engineers
2133 Electrical and electronics engineers
2134 Chemical engineers
2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2171 Information systems analysts and consultants
2172 Database analysts and data administrators
2173 Software engineers and designers
2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers
2175 Web designers and developers
2221 Biological technologists and technicians
2241 Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
2242 Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)
2243 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics
2281 Computer network technicians
2282 User support technicians
2283 Information systems testing technicians
5121 Authors and writers
5122 Editors
5125 Translators, terminologists and interpreters
5224 Broadcast technicians
5225 Audio and video recording technicians
5227 Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts
5226 Other technical and coordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts
5241 Graphic designers and illustrators
6221 Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade

A coveted provincial nomination effectively guarantees selection under the Canada Express Entry System, worth 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

The B.C. PNP publishes the scores immigrants need to guarantee an invitation for Canada immigration under its programs.

The score needed for an international graduate is 30 points below a skilled worker under both the Canada Express Entry and the provincial stream.

For entry-level and semi-skilled workers, that score is lower again.

BC PNP: Scores Needed for Guaranteed Invitation

Category Guaranteed Registration Score
Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker 135
Express Entry BC – International Graduate 105
Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker 135
Skills Immigration – International Graduate 105
Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 95


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