Saskatchewan Bolsters Immigration Framework to Foster Economic Growth

Saskatchewan Bolsters Immigration Framework to Foster Economic Growth
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Saskatchewan has taken significant strides in fortifying its immigration infrastructure with the introduction of the new Immigration Services Act.

This legislation, spearheaded by Immigration Minister Jeremy Harrison, aims to revamp oversight of foreign worker recruitment, safeguard workers against exploitation, combat immigration fraud, and expand settlement services.

Harrison emphasized the pivotal role of immigration in propelling Saskatchewan’s economic trajectory, stating, “Immigration is critical to Saskatchewan’s economic growth.”

He underscored the legislation’s commitment to nurturing newcomers, shielding their rights, and ensuring a conducive environment for both immigrants and employers.

The overarching goal is to attract and retain a skilled workforce vital for sustaining the province’s burgeoning economy and communities.

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The revamped legislation supersedes the former Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act, consolidating all immigration-related authorities under a unified legislative framework. This consolidation promises to enhance the province’s responsiveness to evolving immigration dynamics while simplifying procedures for employers seeking to address workforce demands through immigration avenues.

Key pledges outlined in the new Immigration Services Act include:

  1. Augmenting settlement services to encompass comprehensive support from pre-arrival assistance to long-term retention aid.
  2. Introducing robust safeguards for foreign workers against exploitation, coupled with stringent oversight of recruiters, immigration consultants, and non-compliant employers to uphold program integrity and safety.
  3. Bolstering investigative powers and enforcement measures to combat immigration fraud, including the imposition of higher fines for infractions and the authorization of administrative penalties for non-compliance.

This legislative overhaul aligns with Saskatchewan’s recent labor market strategy, which underscores the pivotal role of immigration in meeting employer demands and addressing workforce shortages. Saskatchewan asserts its prowess in credential recognition, boasting one of Canada’s most effective systems. With the new legislation, the province aims to further optimize its capacity to attract and retain skilled talent essential for filling critical job vacancies.

Statistical data released by Statistics Canada paints a rosy picture of Saskatchewan’s economic landscape, with robust job growth and burgeoning housing starts. The province continues to make strategic investments to bolster economic growth, with a steadfast focus on nurturing a skilled workforce and supporting employers in talent acquisition and retention efforts.

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Saskatchewan’s immigration avenues encompass various streams under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), catering to diverse categories of immigrants. These include the International Skilled Worker, Saskatchewan Experience, and Business Immigration streams, each tailored to address specific immigration needs and priorities.

In sum, Saskatchewan’s revamped Immigration Services Act signifies a proactive step towards fortifying its immigration framework, poised to underpin sustained economic growth, foster workforce diversity, and nurture vibrant communities.

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