Coronavirus-Specific Conditions For New British Columbia Immigration Draw

Coronavirus-Specific Conditions For New British Columbia Immigration Draw
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British Columbia immigration introduced specific criteria related to the coronavirus outbreak as it conducted a new provincial draw, issuing 311 invitations to apply. 

The March 30 draw saw British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program officials move to exclude categories and occupations at the sharp end of the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact on the provincial economy in an unprecedented way,” a BC PNP statement said. 

“Businesses throughout the province have reduced services, laid off staff, and in some cases have closed.”

The statement added: “We know that some sectors have been affected more significantly than others and by extension, certain occupations in these sectors have been particularly vulnerable to changes in employment status.”

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Given the issues, the following were excluded from the March 30 draw:

  • Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled (ELSS) category candidates.
  • Other tourism, hospitality and retail-related occupations as well as other select occupations where a high volume of applicants have recently been approved, which include:
    • 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers
    • 0631 – Restaurant and food service managers
    • 0632 – Accommodation service managers
    • 0651 – Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c.
    • 1123 – Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
    • 1221 – Administrative officers
    • 1241 – Administrative assistants
    • 3236 – Massage therapists
    • 6211 – Retail sales supervisors
    • 6311 – Foodservice supervisors
    • 6313 – Accommodation, travel, tourism and related services supervisors
    • 6321 – Chefs
    • 6322 – Cooks
    • 6341 – Hairstylists and barbers

Despite the impact of the lockdown, the B.C. statement also reiterated the province’s commitment to bringing in more immigrants to help fight longer-term demographic challenges.

“Notwithstanding the uncertainty in our current economic situation, B.C. faces a demographic reality that over the next 10 years we will continue to need new immigrants to help fill the jobs so B.C.’s economy can continue to grow,” the statement said.

“Now, it is even more important that we do not lose sight of our long-term objectives and the role that immigration plays to support quality economic growth across all regions of B.C.”

The draw saw invitations issued across four BC PNP categories.

Skilled workers through the direct provincial stream required 102 points to qualify, while Express Entry skilled workers required 105 points.

For both the direct provincial and Express Entry international graduate streams, 102 points was the minimum score.

Did You Get Invited in the March 30 B.C. Immigration Draw?

Date Category Minimum Score Invitations Issued
30-Mar-20 SI – Skilled Worker 102 Total: 311
  SI – International Graduate 102
  EEBC – Skilled Worker 105
  EEBC – International Graduate 102


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