Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Calls Winnipeg A Canada Immigration Success Story 

Manitoba PNP: Province Gets Another Chance to Welcome 9,500 Nominees
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called Winnipeg an “extraordinary example” of successful Canada immigration.

He said in an interview with Global News that the large metropolises of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are “the three places we think about automatically (about immigration) because they are the largest urban centres.”

“But the story of Winnipeg, which is not well enough known by Canadians, about how incredibly successful you’ve been at drawing people in from around the world and building this great, diverse city, that is really an example,” he said.

“They have so much of that kind of success, (it) is something that quite frankly, places across the country saying, oh, why would we even try to even think about comparing ourselves to Toronto, can learn so much about your success here, in Winnipeg.”

University of Winnipeg Economics Professor Manish Pandey said to CityNews in November 2023 that with the rising popularity of remote work, people are choosing to settle in more affordable cities like Winnipeg.

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With high housing costs in some Canadian cities, Winnipeg is an attractive alternative.

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Loren Remillard said that Winnipeg allows people to save for their children’s future, make investments, and “build a life they want.”

However, Winnipeg’s success in specific – and Manitoba’s success in general – does not make the province immune from the problems plaguing Canada as a whole.

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Data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation shows that by 2030, Manitoba will have a housing gap of 260,000 units. The province should make use of the stabilization of immigration rates by the federal government by building more houses to support future immigrants.

Manitoba immigration is run through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), which selects candidates based on the province’s specific economic needs.

The streams are:

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
  • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  • International Education Stream
  • Business Investor Stream

The program aims to be flexible to the province’s labour market and broader economic priorities.

Canada immigration free assessment
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