Finding A Job In Canada: The Top 10 Cities With The Best Prospects

Canada Job Vacancies Dropped Further In Previous Quarter
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Canada’s unemployment rate remains low, at 5.4 per cent at the end of June, meaning the Canada jobs market is still tight despite the hiring by employers over the past year.

In his latest Regional Labour Market Report Card: National Heat Wave, BMO senior economist Robert Kavcic notes Canadian employment rose by 84,000 in the second quarter of this year, a softer pace of hiring than at the start of the year.

The report, prepared just before the worst of the British Columbia forest fire season, includes a list of the top cities for workers to find jobs based on a number of metrics including unemployment rate and population growth.

That list of the Top 10 Best Cities To Find A Job puts Kelowna, in British Columbia’s Interior region, at the top, although it has since been affected by the fires.

“At the city level, Kelowna leads our performance ranking and there is clear strength in smaller cities around Southern Ontario but outside Toronto,” notes Kavcic in his report.

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Top 10 Cities To Find A Job In Canada

  1. Kelowna;
  2. Kingston;
  3. Barrie;
  4. London;
  5. Windsor;
  6. Ottawa;
  7. Guelph;
  8. Montreal;
  9. Regina, and;
  10. Edmonton.

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