Prince Edward Island Draws: 129 Invites Issued to Essential Workers

PEI Employers Meeting Labour Shortage Challenge Thanks To Canada Immigrants
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Four Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program draws in May and June have targeted workers in essential industries to help the fight against coronavirus.

The draws saw 129 invitations issued to specific COVID-19 essential workers in the healthcare and trucking industries.

A total of 109 Labour Impact and Express Entry stream invitations were issued, with the remaining 20 invites going to Business Impact candidates.

In the first draw, dated May 29, 19 invites were issued, with 9 invites issued in a June 10 draw, 10 on June 18 and 91 on June 23.

The June 23 draw was the only one to feature Business Impact invites.

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PEI PNP Immigration Draws 2020

Date Category Invites Issued Minimum Score
23-06-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 71 N/A
Business Impact 20 117
18-06-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 10 N/A
10-06-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 9 N/A
29-05-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 19 N/A
15-05-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 14 N/A
27-04-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 10 N/A
23-03-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 5 N/A
20-02-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 143 N/A
Business Impact 10 122
16-01-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 110 N/A
Business Impact 13 125


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