Top 10 Most Important Sources of Citizens for Canada Led By India, Philippines and Syria

Top 10 Most Important Sources of Citizens for Canada Led By India, Philippines and Syria
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The latest data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reveals India, the Philippines and Syria were the big three leaders on the Top 10 List of Most Important Sources of Citizens for Canada in 2022.

The presence of India in the number one spot on that list is no surprise as it only echoes what has happened in the past. But the magnitude of India’s contribution to the growth in the number of Canadian citizens was unprecedented last year. 

The South Asian country provided 59,503 new citizens to Canada last year, a dramatic jump of 185.2 per cent, or 38,637 people, from the number of new Canadian citizens from India in 2021. 

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Last year’s contribution from India of new Canadian citizens was even higher, by 89.9 per cent, than the 31,333 new Canadian citizens it contributed in 2019, the past full year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the second spot on the list, the Philippines provided 41,540 new Canadian citizens last year, up a staggering 127.7 per cent, or 23,297 Filipinos, from the country’s contribution the previous year. Prior to the pandemic, the Philippines had provided 33,921 new Canadian citizens in 2019.

Top 10 Sources of New Citizens To Canada in 2022

Ranking Country New Citizens to Canada in 2022
1 India 59,503
2 Philippines 41,540
3 Syria 20,355
4 Pakistan 15,188
5 Iran 13,082
6 Nigeria 12,670
7 China 10,722
8 United States 9,215
9 France 8,163
10 Iraq 7,692

Syria, which has seen a massive increase in its levels of immigration to Canada, took the number three spot on this list, providing 20,355 new Canadian citizens in 2022. That’s up 102.9 per cent year over year and up 215.2 per cent compared to the 6,457 new Canadian citizens from Syria in 2019.

The fourth most important source of new Canadian citizens last year was Pakistan. The Asian country contributed 15,188 citizens to Canada in 2022, up 173.6 per cent from the 5,551 the previous year. 

Rounding out the top five sources of new Canadian citizens was Iran. That country added 13,082 Canadian citizens, an increase of 169.5 per cent from its contribution in 2021 but down 6.8 per cent from the 14,041 new Canadian citizens of Iranian origin in 2019.

Nigerian Immigration To Canada Is Growing And So Is The Country’s Contribution Of New Citizens

With Nigerian immigration to Canada booming, it’s hardly a surprise that more people from that African country chose to become Canadian citizens last year.

Nigeria ranked sixth on the list of most important sources of new Canadian citizens for 2022 by contributing 12,670 citizens last year, an impressive increase of 285 per cent. Since 2019, Nigeria’s contribution of new Canadian citizens has risen by 152.3 per cent.

Despite being the second-most important source of new permanent residents to Canada, China only ranked seventh on the list of most-important sources of new Canadian citizens, likely indicating fewer Chinese immigrants are choosing to avail themselves of Canadian citizenship than immigrants from other nations. 


In 2022, 10,722 Chinese became citizens of Canada, up 109.6 per cent from the previous year but down 20 per cent from the 13,459 citizens the country contributed in the last full year before the pandemic.

Next door to Canada, its biggest trading partner, the United States, provided 9,215 new citizens, up 164.7 per cent over the previous year and an increase of 63.8 per cent since 2019. The U.S. was eighth on the list.

France, which has strong historical ties to the province of Quebec, came in ninth on the list. The European nation provided 8,163 new Canadian citizens, up 198.8 per cent from the 2,732 the previous year and 48.4 per cent from its contribution in 2019.

Iraq completed the list of the top 10 most important sources of new citizens to Canada in 2022 with 7,692 new citizens, up an amazing 241 per cent over the previous year and still up 52.1 per cent over the 5,056 it contributed to Canada in 2019.

Citizenship Confers Right To Vote In Elections, Return Home More Easily And Snag For More Jobs

When foreign nationals who have immigrated to Canada obtain their citizenship, it comes with many benefits and obligations.

Citizens can vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections, run for office and become involved in political activities, meaning they have a say in who runs the various levels of government that exist in Canada. That could be at the municipal, provincial or federal government level or for the local school board.

Those who do choose to run for office can do so as independent candidates or by joining one of the established parties.

Canada does make foreign nationals choose between being a Canadian citizen and being a citizen of their home countries. Depending on the home country, the new Canadian citizens may be able to hold dual citizenship.

Another benefit of citizenship is the right to hold all kinds of jobs, including those which require high-level security clearance which only citizens can have. This includes some jobs at the federal level. These jobs tend to pay well and have many benefits.

Canadian citizens get a passport, which is easier to renew and must be renewed less often than a permanent resident card.

The passport allows the Canadian citizen to travel to many countries without the need for a visa and makes it easier to get a visa where one is required. It should be noted this is for travel and does not give the passport holder the right to work in those countries. 

Paying Taxes Is An Obligation Of Canadian Citizens Living In Canada

Having a passport makes it easier to return to Canada from abroad. Canadian citizens can also rely on the support of Canadian consulates and embassies, provided they travel using the Canadian passport, should they get into trouble while abroad.

When Canadian citizens have children born to them in Canada, these children automatically become Canadian citizens. They will not have to go through any application process. Some children born outside Canada are also citizens at birth if at least one parent was born or naturalized in Canada.

A major obligation for Canadian citizens is to pay their taxes but it must be noted that Canadian tax laws work on residency rather than citizenship. A Canadian citizen who does not live in Canada does not have to pay Canadian taxes. 

But Canadian citizens who do live in Canada are required to pay Canadian taxes on worldwide income and must pay taxes at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

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