Here Are The Best Cities in Canada for New Immigrants

Here Are The Best Cities in Canada for New Immigrants
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A recent article in The Globe and Mail ranked the 20 most desirable cities in Canada for newcomers, examining the ease newcomers feel in integrating into the community, accessing basic amenities, and finding affordable housing.

The list is as follows:

  1. Pitt Meadows, BC
  2. Victoria, BC
  3. Winnipeg, MN
  4. North Vancouver, BC
  5. Saanich, BC
  6. Wellesley, ON
  7. Burlington, ON
  8. Regina, SK
  9. Delta, BC
  10. Maple Ridge, BC
  11. West Vancouver, BC
  12. Oak Bay, BC
  13. Abbotsford, BC
  14. Colwood, BC
  15. Norwich, ON
  16. Parksville, BC
  17. Fort St. John, BC
  18. Port Coquitlam, BC
  19. Middlesex Centre, ON
  20. Coldstream, BC

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The study was focused on those who arrived in Canada during the last five years, and involved data from 439 cities across the country, with a population of greater than 10,000 each. 43 variables spanning 10 categories were examined after being identified as crucial in shaping the decision to relocate to a new city.

These were:

  • Economy: In assessment of a city’s financial health, this category studied the job market, income levels, tax, and overall economic stability. Some cities with the lowest unemployment rate, as per the study, were Oak Bay, Colwood, Norwich, Middlesex Centre, and Port Coquitlam.
  • Housing: This category evaluated housing affordability and its accessibility for seniors. The average value of primary real estate was considered, as was that of property tax, and household dwelling expenditure. The Globe also looked at seniors’ housing per capita.
  • Demographics: A city’s stability and sustainability in terms of population growth, diversity, and cultural richness are all important aspects of its composition. The metric in question thus covered them under its breadth by using a diversity indicator index based on the percentage of French-as-mother-tongue individuals in the population, the percentage of first- or second-generation immigrants, and the percentage of visible minorities in the population.
  • Healthcare: The quality and accessibility of healthcare services and residents’ perception of their health status was covered by this metric.
  • Transportation: The public transit system, accessibility, and overall ease of driving around the city were aspects covered by this category.
  • Climate: The climate variations in each city were tabulated, with extreme conditions and seasonal conditions being recorded. This included the number of days in a year with a 35-plus humidex and when the daytime low temperature was lower than -15 degrees Celsius.

Winnipeg and Regina saw the most days with a temperature colder than -15 degrees Celsius.

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  • Amenities: The number of recreational facilities, entertainment facilities, shopping centers, and leisure amenities at the disposal of members were considered for this category.
  • Community: The Globe considered the opportunities for social interaction that residents possess, such as community events, volunteer opportunities, and engagement venues in the city.
  • Education: This category assessed the educational qualifications of the community and the availability of schools, universities, and other educational institutions present in the area being studied.
  • Safety: The likelihood of crimes and residents’ confidence in public safety fell under examination through this category.

Certain categories were seen as more important than others and were measured more heavily against less important categories. The scores were weighted and averaged at the end to come up with a composite score for every city.

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