Prince Edward Island Draw: 313 Invitations Issued to Skilled Worker and Business Candidates

Prince Edward Island’s First PNP Draw Of 2023 Sees 223 Canada Immigration Invitations Issued
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Prince Edward Island conducted two PEI PNP draws conducted during August, issuing 313 invitations to apply.

The draws saw invitations issued through the Labour Impact, Express Entry and Business Impact streams.

On August 20, 305 invites were issued to candidates who submitted profiles up to June 2020 who were already living and working in PEI.

The draw saw 277 invites issued to Labour Impact and Express Entry candidates, and 28 issued to Business Impact candidates.

A further draw on August 11 saw 8 invitations issued to Labour Impact and Express Entry candidates.

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PEI PNP Immigration Draws 2020

Date Category Invites Issued Minimum Score
20-08-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 277 N/A
Business Impact 28 112
11-08-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 8 N/A
16-07-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 158 N/A
Business Impact 29 117
10-07-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 8 N/A
23-06-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 71 N/A
Business Impact 20 117
18-06-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 10 N/A
10-06-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 9 N/A
29-05-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 19 N/A
15-05-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 14 N/A
27-04-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 10 N/A
23-03-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 5 N/A
20-02-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 143 N/A
Business Impact 10 122
16-01-2020 Labour Impact/Express Entry 110 N/A
Business Impact 13 125

PEI launched its Expression of Interest system at the start of 2018 and has made monthly draws ever since, with some disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The next draw is planned for September 17, although this will depend on how the pandemic develops.

Anticipated 2020 Prince Edward Island Expression of Interest Draw Dates

September 17
October 15
November 19
December 17

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